Mustang (Nepal) - April 2010

The lost kingdom

Mustang is an ancient kingdom of Nepal which was the main route to most caravans going to or coming back from Tibet. Today, it is an area of Nepal looking like no other one in this country. Arid, desolate, cultivation allowing inhabitants to survive do only exist because of irrigation. This irrigation is itself possible because of mountain torrents fed by snow smelting on surrounding summits. This means Mustang landscapes are quite different from the ones you can find in the rest of Nepal. Add to this a special tax for trekkers who want to go north of Kagbeni and reducing the number of such trekkers and you will understand this is a very attractive place for the seasoned traveller. Not convinced yet? I will then talk about the mythic capital city of Lo Manthang, unveiling itself only at the end of your journey, as the ultimate reward. The Mustang trek is always a round trip from Jomsom, so try to select a different trail to go back, it will make the whole trip even more enjoyable.

Photo gallery

Check out the photos of the trek on Flickr, to download the images in their original size and see on a map the places where they were taken.


The trek map in Google Maps.