Everest base camp (Nepal) - April 2012

Because it's there

The Everest base camp trek is a classic one. This means a lot of people on the trails and in the accommodations to see the highest summit of the world and the mountaineers training before they start the Ascent with a capital A.

The aesthetic quality of high slopes is always a controversial subject. It will depend on the fact that you are thrilled by the prospect of seeing from Gokyo peak four of the ten summits above 8000m existing on this planet or not. Anyway, when you will have climbed the slope of Gokyo peak up to its 5357m summit, your hart will be pounding hard, whether it is with emotion or effort.

Photo gallery

Check out the photos of the trek on Flickr, to download the images in their original size and see on a map the places where they were taken.

360° panoramas

Also, here are three 360 degrees panoramas giving you a real feeling of immersion in the landscape:


The trek map in Google Maps.