Greenland (Tasiilaq) - March 2008

The arctic experience

I lived this trek as a pure discovery of the arctic environment. And there are so many things to discover there! Temperatures almost always negative (at least in Celsius degrees, in Farenheit this is below 32), the near lack of liquid water which changes a bit everyday life. Inuits who, not anymore in a survival situation, now struggle to find a reason to live. The weather, which was kind enough to show us many facets of itself : blizzard, fog with whiteout, snow strom, Piteraq (a katabatic wind which may be extremely violent), and even nice weather! Add to this dog sleds, seal hunting, icebergs and you will understand that Greenland in winter is a place where nothing you will live will be familiar. Total discovery.

Photo gallery

Check out the photos of the trek on Flickr, to download the images in their original size and see on a map the places where they were taken.


The trek map in Google Maps.