Western Adrar (Mauritania) - February 2003

All deserts in one

Apart from wind and sand (Mauritania has both in large quantities) the most remarkable thing with this desert is its variety. Large ergs with dunes as far as the eye can see, rocky plateaus, reliefs softened by erosion, carefuly kept oases, sparse acacia forests, grass tufts, remnants of prehistoric civilization: you don't get bored a single second. Even the weather can add to this diversity: sand winds, cloudy skies, blue ones, cold or heat and even... rain, the mauritanian desert will allways surprise you.

The trail we followed in mauritanian western Adrar is not a classic one. I took these nice pictures along the path hoping they will make you want to see this place.

Photo gallery

Check out the photos of the trek on Flickr, to download the images in their original size and see on a map the places where they were taken.


The trek map in Google Maps.